How the network can help

The network is here to help members to implement suitable prepaid card schemes, designed for their specific needs. We can;

  • Offer advice and guidance, the do’s and the don’ts
  • Invite you to network meetings where you can hear about the latest developments and speak to like-minded people
  • Run on-site or regional meetings and events to introduce your staff to what prepaid cards can do
  • Put you in touch with other public sector organisations who are already using prepaid cards
  • Point you to relevant guidance on our website or elsewhere
  • Provide you with real example documents such as tender specifications and cardholder agreements supplied by our members
  • Tell you who to speak to about new and emerging uses
  • Arrange for Programme Managers to contact you
  • Answer your questions, or put you in touch with those who can
  • Tell you about nationally available framework contracts
  • Act as an interface between yourselves and the supply side
  • Link you to government departments such as DWP and HMRC who look to pilot their ideas and develop guidance
  • Offer membership of our User Group which allows you to help shape the suppliers’ back office
  • Act as a hub for all public sector prepaid card information