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Our main, publically available, guides are;

  • Guide to the use of prepaid cards – 2nd edition This is the main guidance document, explaining what prepaid cards are and how they’re used in councils. There are lots of case studies and examples together with an introduction to some of the suppliers
  • Prepaid Cards Implementation Guide A guide to the implementation of prepaid cards based entirely on the experiences of members. Full of useful tips and do’s and don’ts
  • Guide to Analysing Spend Data This guide shows how councils are using spend data from their prepaid cards to produce useful management information and knowledge to develop their services


North East Purchasing Organisation (NEPO) and Surrey County Council both have nationally available framework contracts for Prepaid Cards which are open to all UK local authorities and health bodies. All of the current prepaid card providers for direct payments etc. are present on both frameworks.

Guide to accessing the NEPO contract  Guide to using NEPO prepaid cards framework agreement

The network has taken over the front end management of the Surrey CC framework contract and can answer any questions you have, simply email Colin. Please also consider the following documents which contain full details of the contract and how to use it. The pricing schedule is available from Colin upon request.


Slides from Allpay’s presentation to the network meetings in November 2018

Allpay – Prepaid Network November 2018

These are the slides from Fish Insurance and Allpay used at the network meetings in May 2018. Fish Insurance has also kindly sent their GDPR leaflets including a very useful one sent to their policyholders. The slides on Prepaid Cards implementation from NHS Highland can be found in the Miscellaneous section of the Members Only area.


Slides from Allpay and PFS, used at the November 17 network meetings. The slides from Surrey, York, Edinburgh and Dumfries & Galloway can be found in the Miscellaneous section of the Members Only area.


Allpay has launched seven case studies highlighting their work


Slides from Allpay and PFS used at the July 17 network meetings. The slides used by Dumfries & Galloway, Winchester and Surrey councils can be found in the Miscellaneous section of the Members Only Area.


Slides from PFS, Allpay and NHS England used at the March network meetings;


Slides from Mark Bates Ltd presentation on insurance for PA’s from the Winter 2016 meetings – Insurance for PA’s


Slides from Kate Jones’ Spring 2016 presentation – The Plymouth Journey


Prepaid Financial Services presentation on card fraud and how service users are fully protected PFS Card Fraud Presentation


Slide set from PayPacket on auto-enrolment, used in network meetings


Slide sets from the Using Prepaid Cards – 4 Years On workshops