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28 June 2018
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I am looking for any guidance on typical usuage patterns for customers using pre payment cards for Direct payments. number of cash withdrawals per week or month? Number of account enquiries per week or month? number of purchases per week or month?

20 March 2018
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Hello, We are now exploring the use of Block insurance to ensure service users ( as employers) have some cover. Has anyone done this? if so, would you be able to share the policy to help us shape what we need in ours? If anyone can share theirs, please would you email me at

22 June 2017
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We are looking to adopt a case management approach in respect of the above, namely by having Customer Liaison Officers that will hold a certain number of cases and will act as the customer contact/support in respect of the financial management of accounts from the financial assessment stage to set up and monitoring. Does any

17 February 2017
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Sorry to be a little obvious but, not wanting to reinvent the wheel, has anyone got a detailed pre-paid cards project implementation plan they would be happy to share? I know there is a general one available through the network site but I was hoping for a more detailed one. Many thanks.

11 November 2016
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I take it we are all aware APS has withdrawn from this market? We were just about to go live with them and they rang to explain they were giving it up and sticking to commercial side ! They will run it down over 12m

27 October 2016
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I wondered if anyone had a documented procedure they’d be willing to share for ‘suspending’ pre-payment cards after a direct payment recipients death. We currently do not close the Pre-payment card account until outstanding disbursements have been made but have recently had to write off an outstanding debt which has arisen due to funeral expenses

7 September 2016
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We have a case of a charitable provider of day and residential services whose card terminal is identifying itself as a Direct Marketing Catalogue Merchant (Code 5964) We have previously has a domiciliary care agency’s terminal identifying itself as a VIth form college. Has anyone else come across such an issue?

24 June 2016
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Hi all, I was interested to hear people using the PPC as a virtual/managed account for people. I would be very grateful if anyone doing this could share their experiences of this, your model, monitoring, administration, pros and cons etc. Many Thanks Stuart

1 October 2015
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Our card management company have stated in their draft terms and conditions that they will charge us £50 each time for redeeming unused funds on a card before its expiry date. Can anyone please confirm if this is standard practice/normal charge?

26 January 2015

I am looking for some help from the network. I am wanting to know what provision there is nationally regarding managed accounts, and how much local authorities allow as part of Direct Payments for managed accounts for the following services to be provided by in-house or external managed account providers. Advertisement and help with recruitment