About The Network

The network was established in May 2011 and was set up to discover, capture and disseminate best practice in the use of prepaid cards in the public sector. Prepaid cards had been used before this but were not considered to be fit for purpose as many care providers could not take card payments or afford the fees to do so

By having the supply side included in the network prepaid cards have evolved to become a highly flexible way of delivering direct payments as suppliers have heard first hand what the market needs

As at March 2016 some 90 councils are now actively using prepaid cards to deliver direct payments and around 15 CCGs and CSUs are piloting their use for the delivery of personal health budgets. DWP, HMRC and NHS England are also members of the network, DWP researching whether prepaid cards can be used to effectively deliver part of their Universal Credit initiative

The network is run and chaired by Colin Whitehouse, a former Senior Govt Advisor with DCLG, who has over 25 years experience of delivering cost effective public sector service improvements

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The network is wholly independent but only exists due to patronage and support of private sector supporters such as MasterCard