Welcome to the National Prepaid Cards Network


With over 750 members from 150 public sector organisations, the network promotes the use of prepaid cards to deliver the direct payment elements of public sector services such as adults and children’s services, appointeeships and personal health budgets.

Over 100 councils, 30 CCG’s, 12 housing associations, 5 social enterprises and a police force are using prepaid cards to deliver direct payments and other services. Increasingly councils are looking to go ‘cashless’ by using prepaid cards in all of their service areas. A few have already achieved that aim.

The network is independent and shares industry wide best practice through meetings, events and special interest groups. Our programmes are always designed for and modelled by our members

The network is free to join, as are our meetings and events, and is open to anyone working in the public sector, particularly Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) and Commissioning Support Units (CSU’s)